Niche Selection

So you are ready to jump in and make your first book?  Want to give this business a try?

Awesome!  So in this section, I want to describe my strategy when it comes to Low Content Books.  It’s very simple, yet powerful and effective.

When getting started, you first must pick the “niche” or category that your book will target.  It’s very easy when starting out to target something “easy” like “Puppy Journal”.  You might think, who doesn’t love puppies and want a journal with cute puppy design.

Well, the keywords and category “puppy journal” might be saturated and really competitive.  However, something more specific like, Yorkie Journal or Golden Retriever Journal, is much more specific and target. I target these very narrow categories, that are less competitive and highly specific.  

Lastly, when you target something this specific, people are usually already in a “buying mindset”, looking for specific terms usually means someone really wants to buy a product in that category, they are not merely browsing.  

Watch this video, get a deeper understanding of my strategy as we get into this low-content business.