Low Content Publishing On Amazon Overview

Publishing books on Amazon is a very lucrative business.  It may seem complex and complicated but it really is not.  It is a very easy business to get started in and can make you a great passive income.  At its core, its all about creating books.  You could write novels, short stories, kids books and much more.  I have chosen a different path.  Called low content publishing by many, the books I create are easy to create a repeatable.

What books are considered “Low-Content”?

At their simplest form, they can be blank lined journals.  That’s right, cool covers with a bunch of blank lines inside.  These sell well, but there is much competition because of their simplicity.  People buy these because we all need a cool notebook to take notes, write to-do lists and reminders.

As you get into this business you can make more advanced low-content books, like activity books for kids, puzzle books, word searches, coloring books, and soo much more, it really its a giant ocean of possibilities!  Each one of these categories of low-content books can be targeted towards, boys, girls, teens, men, women, business people, seniors, pilots, on and on, the options are endless.

Before we get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s do an overview of KDP and the Low Content business.  We have put together a great video you can watch here: