Approaches To Affiliate Marketing – That Work!

In this guide, my goal is to detail out some of the fundamental ways individuals promote different products and services as an affiliate.  I will share with you where I have found success and where you can as well!

Please understand, this isn’t every method possible.  There are almost endless possibilities.  At the end of the day you want to find an Approach To Affiliate Marketing That Works for you, speaks to your style and you are gifted at. 

I bring the experience of being a part of many Affiliate Marketing Facebook groups, SEO groups and other organizations to bring these are the methods I commonly see utilized.



At the core of promoting affiliate programs for any product or service you have the following methodologies:

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Giveaways / Low Entry Offer
  • YouTube
  • Solo Advertising

In this guide I seek to explore each a little bit more in-depth. Hopefully this might help you choose which method best suits you and your style.

#1 – SEO

SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization

For those that don’t know, my main line of work is in Website Design, Web Application Development and SEO. It is a skill that I am continually learning and sure it takes more time to start making progress.

What I love about it is the low barrier to entry.  You can get started for a very low cost.

WordPress nowadays makes it easy.  With hosting like SiteGround (Get It Here), a Theme like Divi (Get It Here) or from Themeforest (Click Here), you can get started for less than $20 a month.

If you want a bit more easy process to create websites and pages, you could use something like 10xPro or Clickfunnels.

The goal of the SEO Approaches To Affiliate Marketing is to write high quality and helpful articles (just like this one). These will be listed in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..

Once your article is indexed by Google/Bing/Yahoo, it can bring in visitors for many years to come; with minimal upkeep.

This is my favorite method. I am not wanting to sink a good deal of money into paid traffic. Starting out with low capital, this was pretty important.

Paying for visitors it’s possible to get traffic fast, however, you have to constantly keep sinking money into advertisements, or the traffic ceases.

You do not need to think about this with SEO.

Although I am not a millionaire, almost all my earnings are profit, except for the minimal costs of a webserver.


The great thing about SEO, once your website (s) start to rank, it will continue to rank and more traffic, the higher it goes and the more visitors you get.

If you are considering SEO, then you can take a look at the course I took here.




#2 Email Marketing

This method could work in conjunction with paid traffic aka advertisements which we will get into later or as a stand-alone method.

So the premise of email marketing is to send out value to people.  To do this, you must have their email addresses.

Depending on the product you are trying to promote, will depend on what kinds of individuals you want on your email list.

If you are trying to teach people how to do affiliate marketing, then you would like the list to be an audience interested in making money online (also known as the MMO niche).

With every product there is a different market, supplements would be the Fitness or Health niche for example.

Some products have multiple niches.  Like Clickfunnels, I am sure you have seen advertisements to make money online by promoting Clickfunnels.  So you could go after the making money online niche.

However, the tool that is Clickfunnels is good at making websites and easy sales funnels to lead customers down a pre-determined path.  So you could market it to people in the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing Business).  Or Real Estate Agents.  Who work very very hard to get customer contact information.

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So once you have figured out your target market, you can start to figure out who to get in front of those people with VALUE.  At the end of the day the goal is to always provide value of some kind.  In exchange you get their contact info.

This is sometimes called a trip-wire offer.  They get you free PDF and you get their email. This is important…Why?

It requires someone around 7 times of viewing something on average until they purchase; the goal here would be to keep showing them the worth of whatever you are promoting

As people interact with your emails and hopefully purchase, you want to know that and help those people with the tool or product.  Stay in touch, offer added support and possibly added products that enhance whatever they are doing.


#3 Giveaways / Low Entry Offers

This is a very effective way of getting people’s contact info and getting them to try the product or service you are promoting.  It is one of the top Approaches To Affiliate Marketing.

The downside for this, is you need to build something compelling, helpful, that people are looking for.

What you should do, is drive traffic to a landing page, where you actually give these away the item, in exchange for them signing up for your offer or providing their email address.

If you have good email sequencing setup, once they subscribe the could get a welcome email, along with the freebie you are offering and a chance to try the product or service you are promoting.


It’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Because in order for this to be effective, you need to get traffic naturally. This may be done by paid traffic, or SEO; which we will talk more about.

#4 Facebook Ads – Approaches To Affiliate Marketing

Among the most popular methods of advertising an affiliate, is to use Facebook Ads.

There are many courses out there that teach out how to write good copy (a good AD) and how to target people.

Facebook Ads are excellent because it allows you to be very specific about the market you are trying to capture.

If you are promoting a health and fitness item or an item for women or for men, age ranges, types of activities, I could go on and on.

I read once that Facebook has something like 5000 data points on each person.  That is insane.  You can get highly specific with your criteria.  And the more specific you are, the better chances you have of that customer converting and making a purchase.


#5 Google Adwords

Up next, is another paid traffic origin; Google Adwords.

These are the Ads that you see at the very top of Google Search Results when you search for something.

These can be highly effective, especially if you know what your people are searching for. 

They can also be insanely expensive.

It has been said some people, depending on how popular a keyword is are paying upwards of $400 to get a single click! Not a purchase; a click.


I won’t pay that much money for a single click…I’ll stick to SEO!


#6 Bing Ads

Bing – Microsofts Search Engine.  A good tool and one that you definitely need to include in your SEO strategy.

Especially now that Android phones are required to have Bing as the default search engine!

Though Bing isn’t as popular as Google, keep in mind it’s still responsible for around 35% of all web traffic.

I would expect Bing visitors to increase. So, it could be a excellent opportunity for Bing Ads.

If you can find them at the right price, its definitely worth a shot.


#7 YouTube

If you are a good speaker and are good at making Videos, YouTube traffic is amazing.

People engage in YouTube videos nicely and they are generally quality leads.

If you are able to find a visual way to promote your products or service and provide value, you will find an excellent audience on YouTube.  This is one of my focuses for 2020 and it’s going great!

I love helping people, I am a visual educator and I have learned to speak better and continue to look to evolve.

#8 Paid Email Ads – Solo Advertising

Last on Approaches To Affiliate Marketing – That Work, is solo advertisements.

Solo ads have become a very popular strategies to building an email list.

These Ad’s generally aren’t great at getting sales.  Although some people are really good at it.  It all depends on the list you are targeting and your offer.

However you should get able to get a decent amount of signups, and build your email list pretty well.

From that point, you would use the email marketing strategy, to attempt to convert your new listing readers to the product you are advertising. With powerful email advertising, this can be a terrific way to earn commissions in the long term.

The good news about solo ads, is that they are a list where you will permanently own.

Just like with SEO, you get to own the people once you have their contact info.

Unless you can capture that data with your Facebook Ad’s or Bing Ad’s, you don’t get the same experience.

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Affiliate Marketing is a very profitable online business. Like with anything, there are many people who fail. But in the event that you merely take action, and tweak things as you go, you will be successful.

Reach 3 feet from gold, it is an excellent book about how if you give up, you may be giving up right before you make it big.  Don’t give up 3 feet from Gold.

My advice for you would be to select 1 strategy which speaks to you and how you like to operate. Learn it, Study It, Take Courses On It. I see a lot of people who remain stuck because of shiny object syndrome.  Focus on one thing, one goal and become a master at it!