How does The Business Mentors Generate revenue? Some of that income has / will come from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing; companies need help selling more of their product or service, and only have to pay when they actually make a sale.

The Business Mentors is able to earn money while helping its readers like you, discover the products and services that may help you in your business.

Many outbound links on this site are affiliate links, meaning if you click on one and complete a purchase, The Business Mentors (Me through my company Cypress Solutions LLC) will earn a commission. (Thank you for that!).  For the most part, the product won’t cost anymore through our affiliate links and many times it may cost less, if we can get an offer, coupon, trial, it will all be extended to you are user if we can get it.

While this monetary relationship exists, our goal is to not let it sway our recommendations, it’s something you should be aware of on this site and others online.

You should do your own due diligence before making any purchase decision.

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