Financial Stuff

Goals Of The Business Mentors

Like any business in this word, the primary objective is to generate revenue and by association a profit.  Without revenue, its not possible to pay the bills, the electricity, servers, internet access, services, etc, all the things that are needed to keep providing the value to our viewers, readers and listeners.  So yes, we are here to make money.  However, with that money, we are able to continue providing great content, guides, discussions and more that our tribe finds valuable.

So first we are here to make money.  With that money we can then achieve our other goals.  Primarily that is; a way to simply provide value to others. To give back the knowledge acquired thanks to much experience and the assistance of others over the years.  For years, so many people have given so much knowledge and information, that has helped me specifically achieve many great things.  So the next chapter is to start being to help others.

How is that done you ask?

Well first, here on this platform, through blogging and podcasting, for people to digest as they please.  The other way is through consultation services for small business from solo-entrepreneur through those with 100 employees.  Part of our goal is to learn and experience more in those consulting roles, to then help provide more great content for you all on this platform.

Lastly, one of the goals I have here is to provide some transparency on how revenue is generated and how much is being generated through each stream.  This is being written in June of 2019, so lets use that as a starting point.  Right now this platform and online revenues are at $0. Offline revenues are through providing consulting services for Business Operations Strategy.  One goal is to leverage that offline service to provide great content on this site.  With that being said, the focus of financial things will be related to this platform and online streams of revenue.


SOOOOO, how’s this platform going to make money

  1. Affiliate Marketing – If you click and buy any of the services or products we recommend on here, we might get a commission.  The goal is that it is the same price or Cheaper through our link, but I get a commission (So Thank You).
  2. Sponsors – eventually we are hoping to get sponsors on the podcast, maybe for certain articles, or portions of the website.
  3. Various Online Hustles – I will work on posts to details these, but starting right now,
    1.  KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), creating books and such and selling them on Amazon, I am excited about this project and will do a page dedicated to it, from startup through sales and keep track of how sales are going.  Hopefully at some point we will get into Merch as well.
    2. Online Courses – I have a few ideas that I would love to record some online course content for.
    3. Ill come back and add some more here as this evolves.


One of the things I have decided to do with this platform and any revenues streams generated online is to donate 10% of the profits to charity.  I have even started by putting in some of the last pages of the books published on KDP.  What charity you ask?  I don’t know yet, that will be some discovery and research, most likely shared in a blog post.  I love dogs, so an animal rescue feels like a natural choice, maybe even asking the audience would be a good idea.  We will see when that time comes.  The goal will be to do that donation after the end of the year.  Do a nice post on revenue, share some numbers, reflect on what things are working, what things aren’t working and then, cut the check!  So stay tuned and we will work more on this in Q4.